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first time you run solidworks
using help resources
solidworks default interface
customizing the interface
customizing keyboard shortcuts
customizing mouse gestures
customizing the options tab
templates and file types


introducing sketch elements
automatic sketch relations and cursor feedback
introducing dimensions
where to start
creating your first part - alternator cover
using dwg-dxf data

Modeling a bracket

identifying features
base plate and bosses
creating ribs and draft
holes and fillets
symmetry in sketches
mirror features, bodies, and parts-fixed
simple configurations
table driven configurations
custom properties
tags, comments and design binder

Modeling a plastic housing

plastic features intro
mounting boss
circular pattern
screw boss
lip and groove
reference geometry
snap hook
snap hook groove

Modeling a sheet metal enclosure

intro to sheet metal
flanges and tabs
hems, jogs and curved flanges
placing forming tools
creating forming tools and using library features
insert bends
lofted bends
reliefs and corner treatments

Simple sweeps and lofts

3d sketch
sweeping a pipe
sweeping a wire
sweep with guide curves
loft and boundary
selection methods
helical features
more helical sweeps

Part drawings

introduction to drawings
drawing templates
sheet formats
creating a new drawing
creating views
creating special views
placing dimensions

Editing techniques

editing and parent-child
rollback, freeze, and suppress

Building assemblies

introducing assemblies
assembly templates and starting a new assembly
mates and copying parts
replacing and inserting parts
smart mates and mate editing
editing a part in assembly
mating a spring
subassemblies and in-context editing
motion and animation
using loft on motorcycle fork parts
creating handlebars using in-context modeling
sketch picture, 3d sketch, and curves
creating a chain with multi-bodies
more with multi-bodies

Visualization techniques

introduction to visualization
display styles and scenes
section views and viewports
display manager and display pane
scenes, lights and cameras

Assembly drawings

bill of materials and ballooning
exploded view
multisheet drawings and formats
printing and e-drawings
data transfer